Annelise Winery is now constructed and open! Come visit! We are a local, family-owned winery, vineyard, and event center located in central Iowa, just south of Des Moines and east of Indianola. We sell various types of wine, from sweet to dry, red to white, and we host all sorts of events. Our wines are quality tested on-site and at Iowa State. We are affiliated with Netter Getter, a bird-net machinery company in Jefferson owned by Paul Klodd.

All public portions of the winery are handicap accessible. Ample parking locations are available.


Our family has a long tradition of working with grapes and wine. In 1997, we planted our first grapes at our house west of town with the thought of selling them at the Indianola Farmers Market. First there was one field, then two, then three, then four. We now have 6,600 mature vines at our home west of Indianola and 1,000 vines on the winery site itself. Much time was spent planting, putting on grow-tubes, taking off grow-tubes, and trimming.

Soon, David got into making small batches of wine in the basement for personal use. We later found another market for the grapes, which was selling them to the Iowa Wine Industry.

Before opening this winery, David had 7 years commercial winemaking experience and received numerous Gold and Double Gold awards for wine he created. He has also worked on contract as a vineyard and winery consultant for the Midwest Grape and Wine Industry Institute. We now are creating wine at our own facility. We hope you enjoy it.


Phone: 515-229-1299


Tuesday-Sunday: 11am-6pm
Monday: Closed
Check calendar for specific holidays.


15110 Highway 92, Indianola, IA 50125
Coordinates: 41.358120 ° N, 93.517113 ° W
From Des Moines, head south on Highway 65/69 toward Indianola. From there, head east on Highway 92 past the middle school and Pickard Park and toward the balloon field. Our property is right across from the National Balloon Classic sign.
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Wines and Grapes


  • Frontenac: Dry, medium bodied red wine with hints of cherry and currants on the palate, and a delicately spicy finish. The frontenac is one of a small elite club of dry red grapes that can be grown in Iowa's climate and soils. We are proud to offer you this unique regional wine. It's great by itself or paired with red meats, Cajun cuisine, and spicy Asian dishes. $12
  • St. Croix: Dry red table wine. $12
  • La Crescent: Dry white table wine. $12
  • Delaware: Crisp, bright semi-dry white wine with hints of pear on the palate, and light floral overtones reminiscent of mandarin oranges. The taste of this wine is similar to a Riesling. Enjoy it alongside pasta and poultry dishes. $10
  • Swenson Red: Unique semi-sweet wine with delightfully light and fruity characteristics. Both white and red grapes intermingle on the same clusters, creating a blush when crushed together. Try this one-of-a-kind wine for yourself, and enjoy it chilled by itself or alongside your favorite chocolates and light cheeses. $10
  • La Rousseur: French for "red head," is a fun, fruit-forward and festive Rose made with Worden grapes. While the Worden grape is a hybrid of Concord and grows dark red on the vine, it ferments into a lovely cherry-red wine. With robust flavors of strawberry and hints of melon on the finish, a chilled bottle of La Rousseur is a perfect choice to be enjoyed everywhere from a party to a lazy Friday evening on the porch. $10
  • Rendezvous: Sangria-style sweet blended wine. $10
  • Masquerade: Moscato-style sweet white wine. $10
  • Razz: A sweet fruit wine made with a mix of raspberry and other fruits. $15


We have a total of 7,600 vines between our home west of Indianola and the newly established vineyard at the winery location. At 500 plants/acre, this is over 15 acres of vines. The different types are listed below.

  • Concord
  • Delaware
  • Esprit
  • Frontenac
  • Frontenac Gris
  • GR7
  • Kay Grey
  • La Cresent
  • La Crosse
  • Leon Millot
  • Marquette
  • NY70
  • Rosette
  • Sabrevois
  • Saint Pepin
  • Swenson Red
  • Worden

Private Tastings

We have availability for private tastings upon request. During business hours, we offer public tastings and tours. If you want a private tasting after hours, please call or email David to schedule this.

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Event Center Rentals

Our winery is able to accomodate groups of 100 people in the main event room. A private dressing room and private bathroom are available. We currently have a caterer’s kitchen room, and we are in the process of building counters in it and acquiring appliances. In the future, we look toward converting an adjacent metal building to a three-seasons event room with additional capacity of 150. We have a large covered deck with an ample outdoor seating area that can accomodate bands and ensembles. Parking for over 150 cars is available. Our facility is handicap-accessible.


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Retailer Inquiries

If you would like to arrange to retail Annelise wine, please call David Klodd at 515-229-1299.